About Me


My name is James Ramsay.

I am an independent consultant who has worked in the Campaign Management space for around 14 years.

I have covered nearly all roles including Analyst, Senior Analyst, Project Lead, Manager and Consultant.

I have worked for Financial services, Telecommunications and Superannuation (Pension) industries across the United Kingdom and Australia.

I am very hands-on and like to experiment with new code and systems. In particular, I have strong skills in SQL (Oracle and Sql Server), proc SQL, VBA, Regular Expressions, Unix, ETL routines, batch scripts, VBScript, Database design and set-up. I have built many clever tools to help in the campaign management space, all of which are detailed on my Campaign Management Tools page.

I have excellent technical skills with several high-end Campaign Management solutions including Chordiant Marketing Director (owned by Pegasystems) and IBM Unica campaign. I was a daily user of Chordiant Marketing Director for 7 years and IBM Campaign (Unica) for 6 years. I am also familiar with most of the complementary software that makes up the CRM software suites (Market Optimiser, IBM eMessage, IBM interact, etc).

I can set-up these systems end-to-end as well as provide training for their use.

I am based in Sweden but cover the entire European region.

I am currently working for Comet Global Consulting. We are the leading global consultancy providing help and advice for setting up campaign management solutions using both Pega and IBM EMM suites. You can read more here – http://cometgc.com/

If you need help setting up your campaign management systems, data, processes, tools, etc then please get in touch.