Build Campaign & Quality Assurance Checks

Campaign Development Lifecycle Build And Quality AssuranceIn this phase you will use the targeting brief from the previous stage and build the selection criteria in your campaign management system.

I will review CRM tools for managing campaigns in a separate section. I have extensive experience (10+ years) using both Chordiant Marketing Director (now owned by Pega Systems) and IBM Campaign (formerly Unica Campaign). However, essentially all CRM campaign management software will offer similar options and behave in a similar manner. The important thing to remember is if you are unsure about how the software works… ask someone!

Here are some of the things that you need to remember during the build and execution phase.

  • Are all of your segments refreshed? (Have you refreshed your segments against the most recent information in your marketing database?)
  • Do you have all of the external data available? (Is it loaded and available, does it contain the correct number of records and is it formatted correctly?)
  • Has everyone signed off on the creative?
  • Is the agency ready to receive the file?
  • Are there other campaigns that need to run first?
  • Have you applied all relevant exclusions? (especially the obvious – No Marketing, Deceased, Staff, VIPs, Complaints, Poor Credit, etc)
  • Do you have a designated person ready to check your campaign and output file?

Quick TipEven with multi-million dollar software it is still a human defining and building what the software does, and humans are not infallible! Make sure you invest your time wisely, double-check and triple-check the process and output… and then get someone else to check as well. If you don’t have enough time then ask for more, it is always the rushed job that is more likely to suffer. I highly recommend a Quality Assurance check of every campaign by another member of the team. A second set of eyes will often find something that the original person will never notice (Click the image below for a free template).


Click To Download Free Quality Assurance Template

Warning IconIf your marketing database contains deceased people then at some stage someone will try to contact them. It is your job to make sure that this isn’t as frequent as it could be. These additional checks lessen the chances but there is always a possibility that something will go wrong and it is the due diligence that is most important. Make your stakeholders aware that time pressure and a high workload will often lead to quality issues.

Phase 7. Deliver Data Extract to Agency