Campaign Management Tools

Image Various Marketing Campaign Management Tools

In this section you will find information about some of the tools that I have developed over the years to make the campaign management function easier – both from a developer and a manager perspective. I can build tailored tools like those listed below specifically for your organisation. If you would like to find out more please use the Contact Me Form. Similarly if you would like to develop your own tools I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Invaluable Tools:

  • Scheduling Tool: To manage the entire marketing program including recurring campaigns, reporting, work ratio, experience ratio, Excel Templates, Email notifications, etc
  • Campaign Checker: A Microsoft Access database designed to do important checks of key hygienes/exclusions after a campaign has been run but before it has been lodged. An invaluable tool that can stay in the hands of the manager for final file sign-off, or be distributed to the team as an extra sanity check of everything that they do. Easy to implement, quick to run and very effective.
  • Sales Prospecting Tool – a brief summary of the Prospecting Plugin,¬†a closed-loop sales tool for the distribution and tracking of sales leads. Promoted through it’s own website.
  • Single Customer View – A way to pull together disparate customer information from separate systems and display them for marketing campaign checking
  • Housekeeping Tool – identifies objects that aren’t referenced or haven’t been refreshed for housekeeping purposes. Designed to ensure that Campaign Management software is working as expected and that all objects are up to date and correct.
  • Data Quality Reports – Tailored Reports that can be generated for relationship managers to show key customer data and it’s validity (e.g. email, mailing address, phone numbers, etc).
  • File Checker – Select a file and check every character to determine if the file contains either non-ascii or non-printable characters. Identify problem records and output to a log file.
  • File Merger – Combine and merge multiple files into a single file. Keep pertinent information (e.g. date, purpose code, customer_id) and merge into a single file or table. The purpose of this tool is to streamline and automate the many files that a campaign management team needs to work with. Files that complement the information already contained in the marketing database. The idea is to limit the number of tables to a single table containing external data. This database helps to manage the flow and upkeep of the data whilst saving invaluable time.
  • Data Validation Tool – A series of algorithms and code that help to validate the data in an entire database. The code will iterate through chosen tables in a schema and check some key elements (e.g. Field lengths, profiling and listing of descriptive values – Descriptions/Flags/Codes, Non-Printable Characters, Null Values, etc ). A great tool for validating migrated data or new systems, as well as sense-checking data transformations.
  • Password Generator – Generate unique strong passwords for every campaign automatically and save them to a secure encrypted register.