File Format Checking Tool

File Format Checking Tool

In a campaign management function a lot of time is spent loading up files from different sources into a database.

This tool allows the user to validate a file before trying to load it into any software, which can be quite a tiresome process if there are errors in the file.

The File Format Checking Tool will automatically do the following:

  • Count number of delimiters
  • Determine file encoding
  • Find if extra delimiters are found on a given line (e.g. apostrophes and commas are often included within the values of fields)
  • Identify if a file contains any ASCII characters which certain software may fail to load (default acceptable ASCII values are 32-126, but this tool can be tailored to suit requirements).
  • Create a new file of acceptable records
  • Create a file of bad records to investigate further
  • Create a log file of every error found and note it’s record number

This is the perfect tool for evaluating files before investing the time trying to load it to other systems. It is also a great way to check that a file going to an external agency is in an acceptable format.

If you would like to commission your own File Format Checking Tool or would like to discuss this tool in more detail please contact me.

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