File Merging Tool

File Merging Tool

Quickly and easily merge multiple files of different types and formats into a single file or table.

Key features:

  • Browse to any directory and select all files within that directory
  • As a file is selected the lower list box will display the first 10 records (including header information)
  • If the file selected is an Excel file (as opposed to csv), then every worksheet within that file can be displayed
  • Simple select of the files and values that you want with navigation buttons
  • Ability to choose a different code, date and primary key for every input file
  • Seamless and quick output of a single file of all records to the same directory (date stamped)

Sample Output File with Pipe (|) delimiter

File Merging Tool Sample Output File



Optional capabilities:

  • Ability to predefine source/identification codes for certain file names
  • Can define automated rules for repeat files (so they will be merged/appended without any user processing)
  • Ability to add dos ftp if functionality exists onsite
  • Ability to tailor output file delimiters and file names
  • The file can be uploaded directly to the marketing database using sql pass-through queries if required


  • No need for training or skills in the use of automated ETL tools.
  • No need to get technology involved, the capability can stay with the business
  • The benefit of a single file with a standardised format is that you only need a single table to stage the data in your marketing database
  • All code referencing the table is standardised and simple to create and maintain

EG Iconselect * from tblExternalSelections where SourceCode = ‘complaints’ and Load_Date > (Todays_date – 14)



If you would like to commission your own File Merging Tool or would like to discuss this tool in more detail please contact me.

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