Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2014

Setting up your own SQL Server Management environment

Go to Microsoft website and purchase the Developer version of the software – US (English) link

This licence lets you have a full product for people who build and test database applications.

  1. Download the .iso image.
  2. Take note of the product key, you’ll need it to register your product.

QuickTipYou can install multiple versions of SQL Server Management studio with the same product key (if you are using it for development purposes)


Installing an .iso image

You can either burn the image to disk then run the disk, or you can download 7Zip which is free and open source.

Installing 7Zip

  1. Download the software for your environment (in my case I downloaded 7-Zip 9.20 (2010-11-18) for Windows, 64-bit version .msi installation file)
  2. Run a virus check against the downloaded file
  3. Double-click the file and select run
  4. Follow the set-up wizard prompts to complete the installation

Using 7Zip

  1. Open 7zip File Manager from Windows menu bar.
  2. Select the iso image and double click.
  3. Select all components (CTL A) and save to a new desktop folder.
  4. Go into the desktop folder and double-click the set-up.exe file.
  5. This will load the SQL Server Installation Centre Wizard which will guide you through the rest of the set-up.

From this point you will have detailed help from the SQL Server Installation center, just run through the options from top to bottom.

QuickTipYou may need to refer to the Microsoft article here, to ensure that your firewall is properly configured to allow database access.