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The Prospecting Plugin enables the distribution, tracking and reporting of sales leads.

The Prospecting Plugin is a tool that I created back in 2009. It uses the Microsoft Office suite (Access, Excel and Outlook) to deliver leads to sales staff. By making use of existing software it can be implemented very quickly in an organisation and doesn’t require the usual type of technology sign-off and testing. The tool was exclusively licenced to ANZ Bank (Commercial Department) from 2009-2013, where it was used to deliver over 250,000 leads to Commercial Relationship managers. The Prospecting Plugin has it’s own website here –

Below are a few descriptions and images from that site.

What is it?

The Prospecting Plugin Image Showing elements of what it is.

A Closed-Loop Sales Lead Delivery and Tracking Tool


The Prospecting Plugin Closed-Loop Diagram


The Prospecting Plugin Process Flow

The Prospecting Plugin Detailed Process Diagram

End-user Form for actioning sales leads

The Prospecting Plugin Excel GUI Form

This tool can be tailored to suit your organisational requirements. Everything can be customised and most requests can be catered for.

If you would like to develop this capability yourself you will find some of the code under the Code Snippets menu.

If you would like to discuss this tool in more detail please Contact Me.

To view the Single Customer View Tool Click Here.