Scheduling Tool

A screen print of the Campaign Management Scheduler for Individual Campaign Elements

Easily Manage the Scheduling and Resourcing of the entire Marketing Programme

A large marketing department can drive a lot of activity. Sometimes that activity can become quite laborious to manage. I have known of some organisations where there has been a full-time staff member just managing the campaign schedule. I have also spent a considerable amount of time trying to juggle workload with resources. I came up with this Campaign Workflow tool to make scheduling and tracking of activity less of an overhead.

The default version includes a number of features:

  1. Drop down lists (easily maintained in lookup tables) for all key Categories – Staff, Business Departments, Marketing Channels, Tasks, etc.
  2. Pre-built queries for reporting management information – total campaigns, completion %, Delayed and Rescheduled, etc.
  3. Easily schedule recurring activities – Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and flexibility to choose days (e.g. can schedule a campaign monthly for 3 years using Advanced Scheduling function)
  4. Allow for both individual and public holidays and automatically determine staff availability
  5. Include Hyperlinks to campaign folders for complete end-to-end audit
  6. Generate reports of staff availability by week and month
  7. Allow for part time staff, or new staff transitioning to a new role with a work/capability ratio
  8. Automatically update an Excel Template and save to Sharepoint
  9. Email stakeholders with a tailored message and a link to the Sharepoint Schedule
  10. Capability to extract existing information from other workflow tools or systems (no double-entry)
  11. Conditional Formatting applied to status of campaigns so stakeholders can see how tasks are tracking (see image below)

A sample of a Campaign Schedule with Conditional Formatting for status

The next image is a possible switchboard to move between the elements of the tool.

Campaign Management Workflow Tool Switchboard

This tool can be tailored to suit your organisational requirements. Everything can be customised and most requests can be catered for.

If you would like to commission your own Campaign Management Workflow tool or would like to discuss this tool in more detail please contact me.

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