Single Customer View

Single Customer View Tool
Example Only – can be completely tailored to meet your needs


A Single Customer View is the holy grail for most organisations with a lot of disparate data and systems. Trying to understand which customers have products on which systems and whether they are the same person can seem at times like a tough task. This tool isn’t a tool to display productionised real-time customer information, instead it is a tool for the campaign management function to display all of their marketing data in a single place. The screen print above is just an example of what can be built for you. Every SCV tool needs to be tailored for your work place, so requirements for the build are entirely up to you.

Type of data

The type of information that this tool can display include:

  • Standard customer information from the marketing database
  • Information about product holdings
  • Opt-outs or channel preference information
  • Goneaway data
  • Complaints data
  • Staff or VIP information
  • Credit/Risk scores
  • Propensity model scores
  • Campaign History

Tool Specifics

The tool is built in Microsoft Access using SQL-passthrough queries to the various databases. The details are pulled out of the queries and displayed on a single form. The form enables the user to enter various search parameters/filters to narrow down the customers that they are looking for. It can also be set-up in a way that enables certain information to be appended or updated in the tables on the server, so that they can be used by other tools and systems.


  • Checking sample records for a campaign (Recommended for every new campaign build)
  • Logging Complaints – enter/update complaints data on your server-side customer database
  • Logging Goneaways – enter/update information about customers that appear to have changed address without notifying you
  • Opt-out flags – update customer flags where the customer has opted-out of marketing communication
  • Checking Campaign History for audit purposes e.g. a customer has made a complaint about a mailing and you need to identify which communications they have received

This tool can be tailored to suit your organisational requirements. Everything can be customised and most requests can be catered for.

If you would like to commission your own Single Customer View Tool or would like to discuss this tool in more detail please contact me.

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