Strong Password Tool

Campaign Management Strong Password Generator

As we mentioned Here, it is increasingly important that we implement a robust information security policy and follow through with the relevant guidelines and procedures. The Campaign Management function has access to most of an organisation’s sensitive customer data. For this reason analysts need to understand the importance of effective data management. This tool can be completely tailored to suit your requirements. The screen shot is just an example of how it can work.

You could either:

  • Create a separate password for every data extract file going to an agency (recommended)
  • Create a weekly/monthly password that the whole team uses for that period.

Rules for password generation are flexible with the ability to include or omit certain punctuation or symbols.

If this tool is added to the campaign scheduling tool you can reuse all of the information that the scheduling tool captures. It can even be run against your promotion history tables to include counts of the mail file by cell/offer. For example the email below could be completely automated and checked against live systems so that there isn’t a chance of misinformation. Similarly, the user could select all relevant files in a directory and code could run to open and check the record count of each file.

Dear <Recipient Name>,

Attached is the file for <Campaign Code>: <Campaign Name> for <Date>.

The file is a Pipe (|) delimited Flat file with header record.
There are <record count> records in the file (excluding header).
The file has been encrypted and password-protected and sent to you using secure file transfer.
The password for this file is <Password from Strong Password Generator Tool>

A cell matrix of all cells/offers and their relative counts is included below:

Offer Letter Template Volume
A1 C842 – Offer Retail Card 180
A3 C836 – Offer 2-month free trial 497

If you have any questions about the campaign then please contact the campaign owner:
Name: <Marketing Contact>
Mobile: <Marketing Contact Mobile>
Email: <Marketing Contact Email>

If you have any problems with the file please respond to me directly and I will provide a prompt resolution.

Thanks and regards,


This email in turn could be saved into the scheduling tool with a copy of the email message, counts, delivery date and delivery status for the email – a complete audit trail!

You might be able to buy an expensive out-of-the box software solution to manage your marketing workflow but it will never be as flexible as a hand-tailored solution specifically for your organisation.

If you would like to commission your own Strong Password Tool or would like to discuss this tool in more detail please contact me.