Campaign Targeting Brief

Marketing Campaign Management Campaign Development Lifecycle Targeting Brief

A Campaign Targeting Brief needs to capture every piece of information that an analyst needs to be able to extract a file of the correct customers.


This sounds simple but in reality it is a nightmare. Most people tend to think that they can update a targeting brief with an email but this will soon get out of hand and there will never be an easy audit trail if something should go wrong (which it invariably does).

A targeting brief should:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Explain to the user what options they have
  • Should be prescriptive – limit opportunity for misunderstanding by providing lists or check boxes
  • Give extra space to provide further explanations or notes.

Click To Download A Free Marketing Campaign Targeting Brief Template

Above is a free sample targeting brief document which provides the type of information that you will need in your own brief. Feel free to change this document as required and use for your own purposes. It has been saved as a Word document (.docx). When you update it and use it yourself be sure to change it to a template so that users are restricted to the desired format and input. You will need to apply a password to protect the template in order for it to work properly. Experiment with it before you send it out to stakeholders. You can refine this brief over time, consider it a working document that can change as new requests come in. This template could also be used as the basis for a database approach to capturing data – a technique that is far more flexible and will provide greater options (e.g. single input, report generation, version tracking, automation, etc).

 Phase 5. Refine and Agree Criteria