What is Marketing Campaign Management?

What is Marketing Campaign Management?Marketing Campaign Management is the effective management of data, systems, people and processes to enable organisations to communicate with customers in an engaging and profitable way.

 FrustratedCustomerOnBlahFloorIn large organisations many of the most profitable customers experience contact fatigue – too many messages about too many products that don’t interest them. Conversely many other customers get completely ignored from marketing offers for one reason or another.  A structured marketing management program should aim to inform a customer of products and services that interest them through a medium that they want – be it phone, email, letter, online, etc.

This website has been created to help campaign management practitioners. It will cover nearly every facet of effective campaign management with detailed explanations, examples, insights, tips and tricks.

Topics covered will include:

  1. Planning through to execution for a single campaign
  2. Documentation and Processes
  3. Customer Contact Framework – how to limit and vary messages to customers across different channels
  4. Campaign Management Software (CRM software)
  5. Reporting
  6. Sales Leads
  7. Clever Tools
  8. Code snippets (VBA, SQL, Proc SQL, Unix, Regular Expressions, etc)
  9. Managing a Team
  10. Getting the best out of your anayltics function
  11. Effective Recruitment

… and much more!

The content should be useful for analysts, senior analysts, marketing managers and senior management.

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